As soon as you connect (click on the “connect” button at the top, on the left), you can start searching for you want by simply typing the name of the desired file and MeteorShare will present you with all the files that contain the searched words. Moreover, you can specify the type of the search – audio video, document or all or even the P2P network and the maximum size. After you have found the files you wanted just double click on the file’s name and start downloading it.

Once you have done that all you need to do is lay back and wait for the transfer to complete. The main window displays the files being downloaded, and the bottom one shows the files being uploaded. You can right click on any downloaded file, and instantly be presented with some options such as pause, stop, cancel, get more details, and more; the same, right-clicking on any uploaded file will enable the option for more info on the uploader and the transfer, or to even send a message to that user.

There are many factors that influence your download time such as the number of servers you connect to, the connection speed or the size of the file; additionally, there is a credit system that rewards those consistently involved with the network – for example, merely leaving the program on will earn you credits and also help others. What sets MeteorShare apart from other P2P clients is the large number of statistics available regarding any possible aspect. Let’s consider for instance the progress bar which is extremely complex and instructive: you can see what is missing, what you have, the availability of the data, what’s downloading and more other. The interface of MeteorShare is also quite challenging in terms of looks and features. Its functionality is high above most of its kind.

To all these above add that MeteorShare contains NO ads, adware, spyware or other of the like and you will have one excellent file-sharing program you can download now and use for FREE!

System Requirements

  • Minimum of 128 MB of memory (256 MB recommended)
  • Any of the following operating systems:
    • Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT
  • An active internet connection (high speed connection recommended)